The Astronomical Clock



Staroměstské náměstí 1,
Prague 1

Nearest Station:

Staroměstská (METRO A; TRAM 17, 18, 27, 53)

Entry Fee:

from 120,- CZK per person


All Year

Basic Information

This fascinating mechanical performance was considered one of the wonders of the world in the Middle Ages. Nowadays hundreds of tourists from all over the world gather in front of the clock every hour to witness the procession of Apostles, moving statues and visualization of time like no other instrument in the world. For nearly 600 years it has been one of the greatest treasures of Prague. Every full hour figures on the sides of the clock become animated and two windows open up to reveal 12 apostles. On the side you will witness a skeleton ringing a bell, a miser with a purse full of money, a Turk shaking his head, and Vanity looking in a mirror. The whole performance is concluded with the crowing of a golden rooster and the ringing of the huge bell at the top of the tower. The clock dial shows what day it is and its position in the week, month and year. It also tracks Central European, Sidereal and Babylonian time, which makes it the last one in the world to do so. Position of celestial bodies, astronomical cycles, position of the sun and moon and current zodiac don’t miss here either.

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